Consignor Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off Dates & Information

Spring   2017 Event

 Fri, Feb 24th  9am-6pm
Sat, Feb 25th 9am-6pm
                  Sun, Feb 26th 9am-6pm

9365 Philips Hwy
1 mile South of I95/Near Avenues Regal Cinema

Schedule Your Drop Off**

Fall 2017 Event

  Sept 2017 TBA

Schedule Your Drop Off**


  • ** 75-150 items needs TWO drop off appointments -schedule 2 appointment times
  • ** 150-200 items needs THREE drop off appointments-schedule 3 appointment times
  • **200+items MUST email for special appointment please. We want to give you the attention your deserve so please email us so that we can be prepared for you
  • NO items accepted after Sunday at 6pm
  • Please allow 20-30 minutes to drop off & check in your items. We do our best to be efficient but things can get behind
  • Please note: If you send your husband/neighbor/friend please be sure they are prepared to put your items out for you or take advantage of our Valet Drop Off service (see below) to save them time.
  • Please email  if you need to schedule an appointment outside these dates or you do not see an available time you can make during the drop off days.
  • Try our VALET Drop & Go if you are in a hurry-no appt necessary (See below)


  "Re-Stock Thursday ALL DAY to Re-Shop Friday"

Realized you forgot to enter that bicycle, stroller, dollhouse, kitchen, outdoor slide! (No clothing or small accessories) Now you can bring those larger items to us on Thursdays anytime. Simply hand write a tag & bring it to us. No need to have a computer tag, make appointments etc. Just drop the items to us on Thursday. If Thursday doesn't work for you, just ask us!


Steps for QUICKER Drop-Off

  1. Register for a NEW consignor number or confirm your old one
  2. Enter your items using our online system (You can carry over your items from any prior sale-view instructions)
  3. Print your tags on 65lb or more WHITE cardstock/paper ONLY
  4. NEW!! Tag Placement on clothing is CHANGING! If using safety pins (no straight pins): secure your tags on the back collar of shirts/dresses/jackets on actual clothing tag. If tagless item, please go to the side inside seam of the shirt on the RIGHT SIDE as you look at the item. The extra flap seam is best. On pants/skirts/shorts tag on the belt loop or place pin on the seam of the waist band. If you pin on the inside tag you need to be able to pull the tag outside of the item or the cashiers will miss the tag. Do NOT pin/tag on hemlines or directly through fabric of the clothing or it will leave a hole. If using tagging gun: Tag thru the item's tag (if tagless- right side seam is best or thru the inside extra fabric) Our tagging guns will be available at drop offs, but you must arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment in order to be ready for check in appointment. If you wish to pin or tag through the tag of the item in the center that is fine, just be sure to pull the tag so it's visible on the outside of the clothing. Please avoid tagging with a tagging gun through the front of your clothing! ONLY tag on a seam, tag or inside extra fabric. Where you tag the items WILL leave a hole making it unsellable. If you have any questions email us.
  5. Be sure all items are hung facing LEFT so hanger looks like question mark "?"
  6. Schedule a Drop Off appointment (see above)
  7. Bring your items to us sized by gender for quickest drop off. Does not have to be same order as your inventory #'s

Valet Drops Option

Want to leave the little ones in the car? In a hurry? Try our new Drive Up Valet Service to drop your registered items! No appointment necessary-call when you arrive 613.8851 or 704.8953

  • All Tags MUST be attached
  • 5-25 items $5 fee
  • 26-50 items $8 fee
  • 50-100 items $10 fee (over 100 would need to be brought in)
  • We will take your items, process & place them up on the racks while you stay near your car

Pick Up Dates & Information

Spring  2017 Event

Monday, March 6th
Morning: 9:30-11:30am
Evening: 5:00-7:00pm

 Fall 2017 Event
  September TBA


Pickup Reminders:

  • Come pick up your unsold items & your commission check!
  • If you cannot make these times, YOU MUST make other arrangements with friends to pick up your items or notify us BEFORE Sunday @ noon prior to pick up.  We absolutely MUST donate your items if you do not arrive for pick up. PLEASE mark your calendars NOW.
  • NO items/checks will be ready prior to Monday, no exceptions please.
  • All unclaimed items WILL BE donated to charity 
  • Checks will be mailed within 2 weeks of pick ups.
  • If you have marked your items for donation (D on tag), the items will be donated as follows:
    • Family Promise
    • DESC Charities