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The One That Got Away

WeeTrade Blogger - Saturday, February 04, 2017
Every day or so, I open up an app on my phone called Timehop. It is an app that lets you see your photos from exactly this day in history. The kids and I enjoy the walk down memory lane as it shows us pictures from eight years ago, five years ago and so on.

And there it was- as clear as day.
The picture of the table I didn’t buy last year at the WeeTRADE Spring sale.

I had snapped a picture of this perfect white table to send to my husband. I remember his response was something like “if you really want it, get it”. I can’t tell you why I didn’t buy it. It was the perfect size for my growing elementary school-age kids. It was in great condition and very reasonably priced. I probably became distracted with the amazing deal I found on an American Girl doll or the many pairs of cleats I purchased for my son. But now- even a year later- that picture of the perfect white table still haunts me as the one that got away. Sure, maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic. But as a veteran WeeTRADE shopper, I can assure you- there is nothing worse than WeeTRADE regret. It is that feeling you get knowing that the deals you find at WeeTRADE are both amazing but fleeing and only happen twice a year.

I have put together tips on how to avoid your own WeeTRADE regret.

Shop with an open mind.
Some of the best deals have been on items I hid from my kids for months. Find something perfect for the holidays and it's only March? Hide it in a friend's garage. Not sure if your child is old enough yet for that tricycle? Buy it now (at the fantastic WeeTRADE price) and save it until they are. Shopping with an open mind means thinking ahead!

Dare to compare. Even though I fully subscribe to the WeeTRADE way of saving money on children's clothing and items, I still comparison shop. At the sale, I will open my phone to my Amazon app and search for the exact item. 99% of the time, not only does WeeTRADE have the item for substantially less (whether it is new or used), but I can also now tell my husband how much I am saving buying it at WeeTRADE vs. online! (See what I did there...)

When in doubt, just buy it. I hope no one is haunted by WeeTRADE regret like me. Let my lovely white table serve as a haunting reminder. Just buy it. If you get home and you hate it, sell it at the next sale. It's really that simple. 

PS: I hope wherever this table is, it is happy and loved.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We have a solution!

WeeTrade Blogger - Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's face it, with the consigning deadline looming, it's easy to start feeling a bit overwhelmed by the piles of clothes, shoes and toys we have been meaning to sort, hang and tag. Before you have a panic attack, I have a few tips to calm your nerves and get you back on track to making money at the sale!

1. Divide and Conquer 

Sure, you've already divided your items into what to sell at the sale. But if you have just too much to sell, pick out these items first to tag:

-items with sets (such a matching shirt and pants)

-the higher-end brands, such as Lilly Pulitzer, Tea Collection, Vineyard Vines, Matilda Jane, etc

-items that are new with tags

Hopefully, you will have enough time to enter and tag everything, but in case you don't, you will have the highest selling items ready to consign!

2. Designate a "consign time"     

Even if it's an hour here and there, you'll be surprised how much you can get entered and hung up when you dedicate the time for it. I'm the queen of trying to do more than one thing at once, but that doesn't always result in a quality outcome. Sit down with your laptop and a pile of clothes and just start entering. Before you know it, you'll be ready to hang and print labels.

3. Throw a WeeTRADE play date!

This is my favorite way to get the items entered in just one afternoon. Invite a few fellow consignor friends over (I would recommend no more than 3 though,- we have to stay focused!) While the kids play, the adults tag and enter their items. I always end up being the friend ironing the clothes, while another mom cuts out the tags and attaches them to the clothes. This is also a great way to introduce new moms to the sale!

I know it can seem like a massive undertaking  at first, but just think of the rewards: consignors shop early before the public and best of all- the check you'll receive for your hard work. 

Convert your kid's closet to cash: 5 secrets revealed!

WeeTrade Blogger - Sunday, July 26, 2015

There it is, hidden in plain sight- all of this season's big sellers! Where is this magical place? You might be surprised to find that it is all right there- in your child's closet. Whether your little one is 2,4,6 or 8- get ready for a seasonal sale we can all appreciate!

So what are these 5 simple secrets?
1. Have your child try on the pants they have in their closet- now! But it is 98 degrees outside and 100% humidity. I get that. I also get that in just a few days, the frenzy of tax free back to school shopping will commence. Parents will be bombarded with sales ads, coupons and deals from retailers. Why try on pants now? So you know what to sell and what to keep. TIP: take out a pair of pants that fit them the best and carry it with you to the consignment sales! Bringing a tape measure is a good tip as well, it's just I would rather not have to deal with numbers if I don't have to.
Once the pants are separated into KEEP and SELL piles, we can move on to more seasonal items.

2. Holiday Attire- the more the merrier! How many Christmas sweaters can you own?! That's not what I mean by 'more the merrier'. I am talking about pairing the beautiful red and black velvet and plaid dress with a matching back handbag. Digging through the kids' dresser and finding the pair of leggings that went with the blue Gymboree snowman sweater. Pull out all the holiday clothing and decide what still fits and what can be sold. This is the sale to do it! 

3. Condense the myriad of costumes and princess dresses. I don't know how it happened, but after careful inspection of my 7 year old's dress up trunk, we could have a tea party with every princess from the past 20 years and they would all be dressed in their own specific costume, complete with accessories. She is moving on to new interests, so those gowns can move on to a new home. And, we are getting ready for the Autumn/Winter sale- which means HALLOWEEN! I'm certain 99% of these dresses were bought during this sale, so I see it only fitting they return there. (I mean, how many sequin ensembles does one girl need?)

4. Dust off those boots! I have been blessed to live in the Sunshine state all my life, so it wasn't until my late teens when I started meeting people from the northern states that I truly understood why people would where these big clunky things on their feet. Fast forward a decade or so, and my daughter (and her mother) are huge fans of this style of footwear. Unfortunately, we here in Florida do not get to wear them as often as we would like. That means they stay in relatively good shape and are a perfect item to buy and sell at consignment sales. From the tall red cowboy boots to the sequined fur-lined booties, give them a good polish (or spin in the washing machine and air dry) and put them aside for the upcoming sale.

5. Buying jackets and coats at retail prices are not for you. You are the one who sells your slightly used jackets every year, only to purchase different ones at the same sale, just a few sizes larger. Like I said before, we are in Florida- were a snowstorm is about as likely as no traffic on I-95 at 6pm. We just don't use them like our neighbors to the north. But we do need them, for those few weeks in January & February when we actually have to turn the heat on in the house. Make sure you take care of them throughout the year so they will be in good condition come sale time. 

Remember, the sooner you start digging through your little's closets, the less likely you are to buy something you already have, or (God forbid) buy something for full price! Wait for WeeTRADE!


Don’t think you can volunteer? YES YOU CAN!

WeeTrade Blogger - Friday, January 23, 2015

Are you a super-busy mom with a jam-packed schedule? Do you have a hard time carving out time in your day to take shower, let alone volunteer at Weetrade?! You may be surprised at all of the unique ways Weetrade allows you to earn presale shopping. Chances are, we have something to fit each and every shopper!

I work a full time, 9-5 job and don’t have time during the week for anything! We need volunteers at night AND on the weekends. In fact, one of the most needed volunteer shifts is on Sunday, when we sort the items that didn’t sell for pick up the next day. These volunteers earn extra special pre-shopping benefits.

Ugh- I want to volunteer but I have an infant that is breastfeeding! No problem! Most volunteer shifts allow you to wear your baby, and with hour-by-hour shifts, there is sure to be a time that would suit you and your baby. (Contact Jennifer and Pam to discuss which shifts would work best.)

I have church on Wednesdays so I always miss the presale away. Have you heard about the NEW TUESDAY PRESHOP?! Volunteer for select 3 hour shifts and shop on Tuesday 5-8pm! These shoppers will have the absolute BEST selection of all the goodies at the sale. And, volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean that you just get to shop early on Tuesday or Wednesday- but some shifts earn you an early shopping pass for the Half Price sale on Saturday morning! SCORE!

I am super busy, can my husband/dad help instead? Absolutely! We have plenty of jobs that are perfect for strong guys! Email Jennifer and Pam and they will let you know the dates and times!

My child goes to preschool & I belong to a moms group. How can I help? We are always looking for Weetrade ambassadors to share information with other parents! You can pass out flyers and send emails to large groups to earn presale passes. How easy is that?!

I own a small business. How can I earn presale passes? We love to barter! Do you own a print service or a moving company? We would love to do business with you. We would love to hear your ideas about how we can work together.

Can my friend and I volunteer together? YES! Volunteering is a great way to not only meet other moms but also a way to do something together with your current friends! Of course, you may not be preforming the same volunteer duties as your friend(s), but there is no reason why you can’t make it a “Moms morning out”,- complete with volunteering and lunch after! And the best part, you have earned the ability to attend the presale!

Contact Jennifer or Pam for more information about volunteering at Weetrade!

I had a fantastic time volunteering. I have 2 small kids and a full time job, and I still found a few hours that worked for my schedule! And I must admit, shopping the presale is the BEST! 

Goodbye 2014! Welcome 2015 with a clean house & money in your pocket!

WeeTrade Blogger - Friday, December 26, 2014
The magic that was Christmas morning can slowly turn into a financial hangover when those January bills start rolling in. And if you have little ones, they probably received more than enough presents from Santa, Mom & Dad, Aunt Margaret and many other well-wishers. The space is dwindling in your house while the cash in your pocket is hard to find. Before you grab those big trash bags, STOP! There is a way to regain space in your playroom AND put some money back,- all before Valentine's Day!
The first Weetrade sale of 2015 is less than 2 months away, and from the looks of it, we ALL have plenty of things to consign! Below are some great tips leading up to the next sale event.

-Start right after Christmas! We have plenty of time until the spring sale but if we start early, we won't need to tackle sorting, pricing and cleaning all in one day. After Christmas, start small by grouping like items together. Perhaps you have an overabundance of trains- just start sorting them into trains that your kids play with and trains they no longer do. Sets of trains sell very well, so the more pieces there are, the better chance you have at making the most money. Same goes for sets of DVDs, monster trucks, Barbie dolls, Little People, etc.

-Think Easter, Valentine's Day and beach weather! This is the spring sale, which means that Weetrade is taking clothes for warm weather (in good condition, of course)! Dig out those adorable Easter dresses and seersucker shirts out of storage and give them a quick wash & dry. Do you have an infant pool float in excellent condition, or a backyard slide perfect for the upcoming sunny days? Sell it! 

-Weetrade will store your big stuff....NOW! Did your kids get a new bike, trike or power wheel for the holidays? Is their old one in great shape, but you just don't have the space to store both? Maybe the stroller you have just isn't big enough but still has lots of life still in it. Contact the ladies of Weetrade and they will store it for you! You just tag it with the price you want for it, and Weetrade will make sure it gets to the next sale. How easy is that?! 

Need some help? Got a question? I'm here for you! Just shoot me an email at and I will be glad to help!

See you in February!

TOP 5 FALL FINDS-What to buy this week at Weetrade!

WeeTrade Blogger - Monday, September 29, 2014
It's the final sale of the season at Weetrade.

What does that mean?
 That means that this is the last chance to maximize our mommy dollar at Northeast Florida's favorite consignment event, before we have to ::gasp:: pay retail. What are the 5 things we should shop Weetrade for first before hitting the malls?

1. COSTUMES. Maybe you have a little princess that has known what she wanted to be for Halloween since Easter, or you might have a little one who will trick or treat for the first time,- Weetrade has you covered. Many of the Halloween outfits for sale have been worn only once or twice, and are substantially below retail. With prices so low, you could even let your little angel (or devil) dress up as different things,- maybe a butterfly for her preschool party and a pumpkin for the door to door trick or treating. Also, this is a good time to stock up on dress up items! Just because Halloween is one day, doesn't mean that your toddler doesn't want to be a firefighter in February.

2. SEASONAL PJs & HOLIDAY PICTURE OUTFITS. I grouped these together because they are a.) both pieces of clothing that are usually worn for very short periods of time and b.) these tend to be over-priced at retail stores, because of their cuteness factor. Hear me now: there is no reason to pay top dollar for an adorable pajama set that will only be worn for a few evenings. Buy it this week at Weetrade, mark it off your long and ever-growing holiday shopping list and sell it at the Fall Weetrade sale in 2015. 
Holiday picture outfits- how long do your little ones actually stay in those nice clothes? Maybe an hour to get the perfect shot? At Weetrade, you can afford to buy more than one piece and coordinate it with the family. New, smocked dresses and longalls retail for as much as $80, while the average price for a smocked dress at the fall sale averages about $25. Wear it, store it then sell it in 2015. It really is that easy!

3. STOCKING STUFFERS. From Hot Wheels to Little People, American Girl to My Little Pony,- the fall sale is the perfect place to stock up on the timeless toys your child loves. For instance, for what you would pay for two Thomas the Tank Engine trains at a the big box store, shoppers can find bags of trains (some of them very rare) at Weetrade for around the same price. Browsing the toy section at Weetrade (which happens to be one of the most organized you will see at a consignment event) makes it simple to compare prices without feeling overwhelmed. Stock up on DVDs and books as well, because the unique selection at Weetrade always has my kids leaving with a title we haven't been able to find easily at our neighborhood library or Redbox!

4. JACKETS AND OUTERWEAR. It's Florida, - it never gets cold enough to justify paying over $40 for a child's coat. How often do they even wear big jackets? Maybe for a week or two in February. Going on a ski vacation or to visit family in colder climates? Check out the deals on ski suits and cold weather clothing! Weetrade's fall sale is a goldmine of high-quality, gently used sweaters and coats. Just like the seasonal jammies and fancy holiday outfits- buy a nice jacket, wear it a few times then pack it way for the fall 2015 sale (and make your money back)! 

5. BIKES & THINGS THAT MOVE! Paying top dollar for your child's first (or even third) bike is not necessary when you can find them for much less this week at Weetrade. On Christmas morning, your little one isn't going to ask you if Santa bought his bike used. Only you (and Santa) will know how much cash you saved by buying it in October at Weetrade! Also, you will find ride on toys of all shapes, sizes and price points- so finding something for every age is possible this week. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming sale! I'd love to know what awesome deals you scored!

Wishing you a season of discounts and deals,
Jessica, WT Blogger

Let's do this! How to "pre-game" for WeeTRADE!

WeeTrade Blogger - Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Here are a few tips on how to shop the sale (presale is tomorrow)! Whether you are a veteran like yours truly or if this is your very first consignment sale, these tips below are sure to make your experience a fun (and profitable) one!

Are you in the market for a high chair, stroller, bouncy seat or any other sort of baby equipment? Do a bit of research before the sale. Check out, Babiesrus, Target, etc and get an idea of what the items are selling for in brand new condition, so when you are at the sale, you can compare pricing.

KNOW YOUR KID’S MEASUREMENTS! Have them stand on a piece of paper, trace their foot and cut it out and take it with you so you can match up shoes. Measure their inseam, height, etc and bring a tape measure (I’ll admit, I always want to do this, but somehow I seem to always forget).

BRING A BIG BAG. IKEA bags work great, and so do clothes baskets with belts on them that you can pull. You will be surprised how quickly you will fill them up.

THINK HOLIDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, FAMILY PICS. Easter is April 20th! This is the perfect time to grab a boutique-quality outfit,  almost brand new for around $15-$20. It’s even a good idea to shop a few seasons ahead. I have a size 7 Lilly Pulitzer dress hanging in my four year-old’s closet because fellow blogger Megan convinced me that it would only gain value. I have purchased pieces because they have been such a good deal, and resold them for profit after they had been worn just once. I guess you can say I’m an children’s clothing up-cycler :)

MAKE IT A GIRL’S NIGHT!  Leave the kids home. It is much easier to shop the sale without them, and we all need a break from our angels. The Presale Event on Wednesday night is not open to children, but the public sales on Thursday through Saturday are. Saturday is also half price day, and well worth a trip back to the sale!

WeeTrade allows shoppers to volunteer to gain access to the most coveted shopping times, which are while the doors are closed to everyone else. They also have wonderful promotions for the military, first responders, and first time mommies. Check out their their Volunteer page HERE for all the details on sale times and policies.

SHOP LOCAL, BUY LOCAL! Many local vendors are at the sale as well, selling everything from organic soaps, photography packages, purses and some of the most creative hair bows you’ve ever seen! They also have a fantastic selection of  new Melissa & Doug merchandise.

Have any questions or just want to say "hi"? You can reach me at!

My first WeeTRADE playdate!

WeeTrade Blogger - Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Recently my dear friend Megan (who is pregnant with #2), decided to consign for the upcoming WeeTRADE sale and had no idea where to begin. I invited her and her 3 year old daughter (....and all of her adorable baby girl clothes) over for an afternoon playdate so we could sort and hang for the San Marco sale. What a great time we (and our 3 kids) had together! We were able to go through her outfits and hang almost all her items,- and the afternoon just flew by.
I highly recommend a sorting play date with a past consignor friend if you are unsure what (or how) to get started at WeeTRADE!

First time Consignors Questions- ANSWERED!

WeeTrade Blogger - Saturday, January 18, 2014

Part 1: How do I enter items & print tags?

 I eat and sleep deals, sales and coupons. WeeTRADE has been my Superbowl of consigning events since before my five year old was born. Sometimes I forget that every sale, there are more and more brand-new Moms, Dads & Grandparents that sign up for the first time to make money selling their gently used clothing, equipment and toys. The majority of them have shopped the sale before. But shopping WeeTRADE and consigning at WeeTRADE are two different things all together. It is not always easy to navigate the waters of first time consigning, even if you have shopped consignment sales before.  I was reminded of this when a very good friend of mine sent me a text out of the blue.

“HELP-I just registered to consign at weeTRADE. NOW WHAT?! I saw drop off times, but how do I tag? Do I do it when I drop off? When do I drop off? I’m so confused!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. It was rare that I ever hear her like this. She is very calm and collected but the thought of consigning for the first time was terrifying for her,- even though her and I have shopped the sale before, together! I asked her what terrified her the most, and her answer was ENTERING INFORMATION & TAGGING. She didn’t know where to start. Have no fear, the tagging system for WeeTRADE is super easy to use, even for those who don’t consider themselves very computer savvy. I made these very helpful diagrams to navigate you through the website (to see them larger, right-click on them and select "view image"):


Tip: Always do a “print preview” before you print your tags. Make sure your printer settings are set to portrait orientation and “print actual size”. If you aren’t using a color printer, grab a red pen or sharpie and color in those stars if you are discounting your item on half price day. Also, make sure the printer is going to print from the tray that the card stock is located in!


Do you still have a question? Feel free shoot me an email. I want you to love WeeTRADE as much as I do! Contact me at


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What are you waiting for,- start tagging!

WeeTrade Blogger - Friday, August 30, 2013
With school underway & football season is just around the corner, so let’s get going before the chaos sets in. I suggest picking one night out of the week, once the little ones are in bed, to sort and start tagging. Yes, START NOW! But I have until September 7! I have found that if I begin sorting clothes and toys a few weeks in advance, I am more likely to consign more items, match more outfits and find things I forgot I had to sell.

This upcoming sale is for Fall & Winter, so reach into the back of those closets and grab those Halloween costumes, overalls, jeans, winter coats, Christmas picture outfits, etc. Once you see how much stuff you want to sell, make yourself a realistic goal of entering and tagging,- and doing it all before Labor Day! (It can be done and it sure makes consigning much more enjoyable when you aren’t entering items at 11:50pm the Saturday night tagging closes!)Take the time to wash everything, even if you have already,-because it helps to have clothes smelling sweet! Separate sizes and match outfits together (clothing sets such as a shirt with matching skirt and hair bow or collared shirt with matching overalls and socks seemed to always sell, and sell fast)! Press over the clothes and snap and button everything up. Pam and Jennifer personally inspect almost every item when it is dropped off, and boy do they have an eye for it! No stains, rips or tears (from a buyer’s standpoint, I especially love this policy)!

Take a cleaning wipe to those toys and start gathering all the parts/accessories. Wait until your little ones are asleep or at school before sorting through toys…. as I have learned this lesson the hard way).

2. DON’T PRICE YOURSELF OUT OF MAKING A SALE. I think this is the trickiest part of selling items for the first time. In the beginning, you aren’t sure what to charge. I asked Pam, co-founder of the sale, what her advice was on pricing items for the first time. She recommends asking yourself “self, what would I pay for this?” and not “what did I pay for this?” Those are two completely different questions. Take away the sentimental value and think practical. If it is something that actually is sentimental such as a blanket made by Aunt Alma or a personalized outfit for your daughter’s first day of school, then don’t sell it! But remember this, clothes hanging up that no longer fit are not making you any money in your kid’s closet just sitting there taking up space. Pam also said that her and Jennifer have no problem at all offering specific clothing pricing advice to sellers, so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE SUPER-SIMPLE ONLINE TAGGING PROCESS. Entering your items online is simple, even for the most computer illiterate. Like I said, you can enter a few at a time, one at a time, or 100 at a time. When you have entered everything and you are ready to print your tags, just click the magic button (I call it the magic button because formatting of the tags requires no effort on your part, the tagging program ‘magically’ does it for you!). Insert card stock paper in your printer and the only thing you do is cut out the tags attach them (and, if for some reason a few things don’t sell at the first sale, you don’t have to reenter it again to sell at the second sale just two and a half weeks later, you just click a ‘reactivate’ button)!

 3. NAME BRANDS ONLY! No Target, Walmart, Babies-r-us or Kmart brands. Let me explain it this way; once you wash, iron, tag and hang a $4 Target shirt, you have almost spent more time on that shirt than you would make, and chances are, it wouldn’t sell anyway. Keep these items that are in good condition to donate to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Disabled Vets, etc.

What do I mean by name brand? Best-selling ones are Polo/Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, GAP, Kelly’s Kids, Lilly Pulitzer, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, Mulberry Street, etc. (A complete list in on this site.)

 4. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (AND PROFIT)! What do I mean? Go ahead and do some research on the bouncy seat you want to sell. Check and make sure it isn’t under recall first (you can do that here: Go to the manufacturer’s website and print out the instructions that came with it. I recommend also going to sites such as that sell both new and used items, and print out a comparison of what the item is selling for used online (and price yours for less, of course!)

 Are you still unsure about consigning? Then I recommend attending the first Weetrade sale at their San Marco location as just a buyer. Look at the clothes on the racks; what brands are people standing in line to buy? What price are they paying? Or even better, volunteer to work a shift or two at the first sale. Volunteers receive early shopping privileges (the best selection before the public comes in) and an up-close look of how the sale works.