Accepted Items & Brands We Love

What We Will Accept

  • Fall September Sale: Fall/Winter/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine's/Year round Clothing & Shoes
    • Halloween Costumes, Winter Coats for this sale only
  • Spring March Sale: Spring/Summer/Valentine's/Easter/Patriotic/Year round Clothing & Shoes
    • Dress up (no Halloween themes-think princess, supeheros things children dress up in year round, tLighter cardigan or vest sweaters, light jackets, boys long sleeve button downs, long pants (no cords) & ski apparel will be accepted
  • CLOTHING LIMIT: 0-12M size (including clothing marked size 12M, but not 12-18M ) is LIMITED to 20 clothing items per gender per consignor. (does not include shoes/accessories) Smocked/boutique items will NOT be limited.You may bulk items together (ie 2 dresses, 2 outfits, 2 tops/one bottom, etc) & tag as one UNIT, but only 20 units per gender will be accepted due to space limitation. Please choose your best 20 items in this size range.  If you have large quantities of small size boutique clothing or twins email us and we will make arrangements. Basic brands must be limited!
  • All boutique, department store & designer favorites (check "brands we love" below).
  • Gymboree/GAP/Old Navy/Children's Place/Janie & Jack/Abercrombie/Justice/Nike/Under Armour etc in current styles & excellent condition only.
    • We PREFER these brands be sold as outfits/sets rather than individual pieces, but separates WILL BE accepted. If worn together, sell together for better commissions. Price these items competitively, as they will be competing with high end boutique brands. Remember our shoppers are looking for a good deal on high quality clothing!
  • CLEAN, gently worn clothing (no piling, spots, fading or excessive wear & must be smoke & odor free) sizes newborn/preemie to 16 for boys & girls.
    •  If your item has a "small" spot that makes your item "less than perfect" please note on the tag!
    • "Small" hard to find imperfections on higher end items are accepted, but spots on general wear items are not resellable in most cases-we do not purposely sell "play clothes"
  • NEW TEEN SIZE CLOTHING LIMITS: Adult size xsmall and small in popular brands ONLY,
    • Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Lilly Pulitzer, Lulu Lemon, Nike, Under Armour and those brands we know teens will shop from will be accepted. Women's/Men's sizes/styles are not accepted from brands like Gap, Old Navy, Ann Taylor as they do not sell for teens as well. We have a limited Teen shopping audience, but they do like these brands!
  • Dance/Gymnastics/Sportswear-shoes, (CLEAN cleats), leotards, accessories
  • Gently Loved Shoes. Tennis Shoes MUST be LIKE NEW. NO Spiked heels please
    • No larger than adult size 9
  • Baby Equipment (High Chairs/Strollers/Exersaucers/Bouncy Seats/Swings etc)
    • If battery operated, must have working batteries!
    • MUST be wiped clean, launder when necessary
  • Strollers need to be in excellent condition please, no major wear & please clean them up. No carseats w/strollers
  • Children's Furniture (cradles/bassinets/packnplays/changing tables/dressers/toddler beds etc-NO DROPSIDE CRIBS--these have all been recalled and are not sellable)
  • We want your LARGE ITEM TOYS/EQUIPMENT Too! Play Houses, Sandboxes, Toddler swing/climbing sets
  • Items accepted on space availability. The earlier you drop the better chance we can accept your items due to limited space.
  • Little Tikes toys of any sort, kitchens, tool benches, train tables & accessories, rocking horses, play houses, children's tables & chairs, ride on toys, tricycles/bicycles, doll houses, doll cribs/strollers/play accessories, castles-think BIG
  • Large "collections" of toys, but NO small individual items-please email with your request of items to sell!
    • For Example: Big Bags of Groovy Girls/Barbies, Big Bags of Rescue Heros/Superheros, Bags of cars/trainssell well
    • NO grab bags of small random toys
    • Must be worth at least $3 resale value to sell
  • American Girl/Bitty Baby/Corelle/Specialty Dolls, Clothing & Accessories
  • Battery Operated Toys (Must have working batteries)
  • DVD's (in hard cases-NO VHS)
  • Books sell best in sets of 3 or more selling for $5+ (no "free" books), put similar titles/authors together. Package them with ribbon, rubberbands (both & side to side) or in big ziploc bags.
    • Due to increased size of the sale, we reserve the right to hold back stained, faded & outdated items. Please do not be offended if we do not accept an item. It may be due to space or quantity of an item/style already received.

Email to let us know what you'd like to sell!


What We Won't Accept

  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to space limitations we will have to keep tight on our rules of item acceptance -Please do not be offended
  • NO "clothing" items priced under $4 (accessories/toys/books etc $3 are fine)-Pair items together to reach this price point please.
  • FALL September EVENT: NO seersucker, sundresses, bathing suits, tank tops, sandals--true summer clothing needs to wait til Spring Sale
  • SPRING March EVENT: NO corduroy, turtlenecks, long sleeve tshirts-button downs are fine, Halloween costumes, Christmas or Fall themed clothing needs to wait til Fall Sale
  • NO zip lock/bagged clothing, must be on hangers and grouped w/rubber bands. People want to see what they are buying. We will not accept bags of onesies, footed sleepers, shirts, they do not sell. Note groups of onesies and footed infant sleepers unless boutique brands NOT accepted at all
  • NO individual/single infant onesies (even if grouped-resale value is minimal) or single leggings w/o tops or footed sleepers (size NB-18M) UNLESS boutique brand or part of outfit
  • NO Single or grouped footed sleepers-these items do not have a high resale value. We will accept in boutique brands like Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren, Limited Gap styles etc. Carters, Little Me, dept store brands do not resell well.
  • NEW! NO bags of patterned socks-solid colors are fine OR the popular Nike/Under Armour patterns will be accepted. The random socks of patterned socks that match outfits others do not have do not resell. Be sure your socks have clean bottoms!
  • Character Clothing accepted on VERY LIMITED BASIS!. We will accept on limited basis custom made or boutique brand character clothing mainly. Princess themes, superhero vintage shirts, some more popular characters will sell in excellent condition. Single tshirts are not as popular. Please email for approval.
  • NO travel/location/event specific clothing  please, most people only want these items when they travel there themselves or attend the event.
  • NO USED diaper bags, potty seats, baby baths, diaper pails, bottles, eating utensils (unless new w/tags/box). Think sanitary.
  • No Carseats (not even w/strollers-you may offer the carseat-see us for details)
  • Email us for prior approval regarding Cribs (no drop sides at all will be approved)
  • NO baby bedding sets (We're sorry-it does not sell)
  • NO Walmart/Kmart/Target or discount dept store including Babiesrus, JCPenney, Sears, Kohl's, Beall's Brands clothing unless new with tags.
    • This includes Cradle Togs, Koala Baby, KRU, Wonder Kids, Arizona, Jumping Beans, Faded Glory, Garanimals, George, Cherokee, Sunshine Baby, TKS, Just one year by Carters or Genuine Kids by Osh Kosh (Carters & Osh Kosh are fine)
  • No out of style clothing/shoes-keep in mind that certain colors do look dated, fabrics fade, elastic wears out, big collars do not sell
  • No Maternity Clothing
  • No Recalled Items (Click here to see the lastest in recalled items. By signing our consignors agreement you are stating that you have checked your items for recalls and take full responsibility for the items you sell.


Brands We Love

This sale is a name brand children's sale! Here are just a sample of the brands we love. If you have any questions on what we can accept, feel free to email us!

Children's Clothing:

Abercrombie, Aeropastle, Anavini, Amanda Remembered, Baby Lulu, BabyNay, Bailey Boys, Beauxs et Belles, Carriage Boutiques, Castles & Crowns, Charlie & Claire, Children's Place, Cottontail Originals, Dillard's/Belk, ELand, Feltman Brothers, Florence Eiseman, Funtasia, Too!, Gap, Gymboree, Hartstrings/Kitestrings, Holister, Janie & Jack, Justice, Just Ducky, Kate Mack, Kate & Libby, Kelly's Kids, Lilly Pulitzer, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, Mulberry Street, Mulberribush, Old Navy, Orient Expressed, Papo d'anjo, Plantation Shop, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Potato Saks, Pottery Barn Kids, Ragsland, Rosalina/Sweet Angela, Remember Nguyen, Roxy, Secret Wishes, Sweet/New Potatoes/Two Turtle Doves, Spudz, Tommy Hilifiger, Velani, Vineyard Vines, Vive la Fete/Silly Goose, Zutano, Zyno, Zackali & many other popular names we all love!

Favorite Shoe Brands:

L'amour, Livi & Luca, Angel, Bear Feet, Elefaten, Footmates, Aster, Willits, Stride Rite, SaltWaters, Keds, Jack Rogers, KidsExpress and many more!

NO TARGET or Walmart shoes unless NEW or VERY NEW looking

Recalled Items

With laws constantly changing in regards to children's products/clothing we must follow closely the guidelines for reselling gently loved children's items. Please check the CPSC recall information to be sure your clothing/toys/equipment are not listed. By signing our consignment agreement you are confirming that you have checked your items & are not selling any recalled items.

Click Here to link to recall list:

Click Here to link to lead law info: