Pricing Your Items

Selling prices vary depending on the condition of your item, demand & brand, but generally run 60-70% OFF the original retail price; however due to higher volume of infant sizes 0-24 months & lower demand of boys clothing we recommend you price these sizes & your boys items competitively. If your item is new with or without tags feel free to price higher & note "new" on the tag.

We are happy to assist you in pricing. Simply email us prior to printing your tags & we can look over pricing online. We suggest you consider what you would pay for the item yourself remembering it is gently loved. This is NOT a garage sale and our buyers are willing to pay more for quality items. Just keep in mind the state of the economy and fair pricing. We also have a helpful pricing guideline available upon request.

Please keep in mind that your items will sell quickly if priced right PRIOR to the 1/2 price sale.

You do NOT have to allow your item to go 1/2 price, it will still be on the sales floor. However, if you plan to donate your items they will automatically go 1/2 price on Saturday.