Spring  2017 Sale

Tagging Deadline: Sat, Feb 25, 11:59pm



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Tagging Guidelines

  • All Items MUST be input by Midnight Deadline Saturday, February 25th 
    • Tags can be printed anytime, but items must be in computer to consign
  • Print tags on 65lb or heavier WHITE ONLY Cardstock--colored cardstock doesn't scan and regular paper tags easily tear off clothing
  • You do not want flimsy paper tags that will fall off & be lost
  • 6 tags will print per page
  • NEW!! Tag Placement on clothing is CHANGING!
    • If using safety pins (no straight pins): secure your tags on the back collar of shirts/dresses/jackets on actual clothing tag. If tagless item, please go to the side inside seam of the shirt on the RIGHT SIDE as you look at the item. The extra flap seam is best. On pants/skirts/shorts tag on the belt loop or place pin on the seam of the waist band. If you pin on the inside tag you need to be able to pull the tag outside of the item or the cashiers will miss the tag. Do NOT pin/tag on hemlines or directly through fabric of the clothing or it will leave a hole.
    • If using tagging gun: Tag thru the item's tag (if tagless- right side seam is best or thru the inside extra fabric)  If you wish to pin or tag through the tag of the item in the center that is fine, just be sure to pull the tag so it's visible on the outside of the clothing. Please avoid tagging with a tagging gun through the front of your clothing! ONLY tag on a seam, tag or inside extra fabric. Where you tag the items WILL leave a hole making it unsellable. If you have any questions email us.
  • Do NOT use large safety pins-avoid leaving holes in garments. Small pins are best
  • Our tagging guns will be available if you would like to use them yourself at drop off, this will add to your drop off time so you will need to arrive 30-45 minutes BEFORE your appointment.
  • For items that you cannot safety pin a tag to, packing tape will be available at drop offs or you can do this yourself as well.
  • Large equipment or toys will have security tags attached, just bring those tags w/you to drop off

How To Prepare Clothing/Shoes

    • NO ADULT SIZE WIRE HANGERS PLEASE -(Unless clothing sized 8+)
    • Small children's hangers are BEST-some stores will give these to you if you ask OR Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, Target typically sells them 8-10 for $1
    • We have very limited supply of shirt hangers 10 for $1, contact us early for hangers. You MUST bring your items hung
  2. Hang clothing with hanger facing LEFT like a question mark "?"
  3. HOW TO HANG Pants/Skorts/Skirts/Shorts
    • DO NOT hang pants or skirts folded OVER hangers (Unless pants are sized 8+ w/no detailing)
    • They won't sell if they can't be seen.
    • Hang open on clip pant hangers or safety pinned open on hangers (NO clothes pins)
    • We will offer limited supply of shirt/pant hangers for .25 each or 5 for $1
  4. HOW TO HANG outfits/multiple pieces/accessories
    • Two piece sets need hangers rubberbanded together & safety pin items together
    • Socks, tights, matching accessories inside ziploc bag safety pinned to outfit.
  5. Item Prepping
    • Items do not need to be pressed, but do sell for more when presented at their best.
    • Freshly laundered, all buttons/snaps/zippers closed & dress sashes tied help them sell!
    • Be sure to toss stored clothing in wash to freshen up. Hard to notice spots are easily found in our bright lights.
    • Try our Magic Potion below for stain removal on tough spots.
  6. SHOES
    • Shoes MUST be tied together with string/laces/zip ties/ribbon etc. NO bags (unless robeez or pedipeds), NO boxes please! Polish minor scuffs.


The Magic Potion - Ultimate Stain Removal

- 1/2 Cup clorox color safe bleach crystals
- 1/2 Cup Cascade Dishwashing Crystals

Mix together to dissolve in HOT water. Throw in your items & let them soak overnight (24 hours works best). Rinse Well then Toss in washer and wash as normal

If you still see spots or you don't wish to try this process first. Wash clothing like normal & lay out on green grass on a sunny day. You'll be amazed what sun will bleach out naturally!

How To Prepare/Package Toys & Equipment

  • Clean all Baby Equipment & Large Toys
    • The cleaner they are, the newer they look! Clorox Wipes work great.
  • Print photos of hard to see toys, instructions, compared new pricing sheets help items to sell
  • Battery Operated Items MUST have working batteries
    • Hit the dollar store for some inexpensive batteries. If someone sees it working it has a better chance to sell, they don't have to wonder if it works!
  • Large collections of toys like Rescue Heros, Thomas, Groovy Girls need to be packaged in Large Ziploc Bags that are secured closed by staples or tied. You do not want little hands to toss your items about. Pictures of the items inside are helpful too.
  • American Girl/Bitty Baby doll clothing should be packaged in ziploc bag with index card facing out that details what's inside. Children's clothing that will sell w/doll clothing should have a full index card attached to it stating what is included for both doll & child if it is not obvious to the eye. Please mark if the outfit is for Bitty or AG.