The Biggest Changes For This Sale

Tagging Placement Is Changing

  • NEW!!
    • If using safety pins (no straight pins): secure your tags on the back collar of shirts/dresses/jackets on actual clothing tag. If tagless item, please go to the side inside seam of the shirt on the RIGHT SIDE as you look at the item. The extra flap seam is best. You can use the back collar seam too. On pants/skirts/shorts tag on the belt loop or place pin on the seam of the waist band. If you pin on the inside tag you need to be able to pull the tag outside of the item or the cashiers will miss the tag. Do NOT pin/tag on hemlines or directly through fabric of the clothing or it will leave a hole.
    • If using tagging gun: Tag thru the item's tag (if tagless- right side seam is best or thru the inside extra fabric on the seam inside the sleeve)  If you wish to tag through the tag of the item in the center that is fine, just be sure to pull the tag so it's visible on the outside of the clothing. You MUST avoid tagging with a tagging gun through the front of your clothing! ONLY tag on a seam, tag or inside extra fabric. Where you tag the items WILL leave a hole making it unsellable. If you have any questions email us.
  • Do NOT use large safety pins-avoid leaving holes in garments. Small pins are best

Earlier PRESALES~Longer Shop Times

You talked, we listened! We have spaced out our Wednesday Presales to allow longer shop times between presale entries to lessen the lines and give you a longer opportunity to shop the many great deals!

  • WeeTEAM Workers (2 shift/1 shift) New Start Times: Wednesday 1pm & 2pm
  • Consignors NEW Opening Time: Wednesday 4pm to 9pm
  • New Parent/Grandparents NEW Opening Time: Wednesday 5pm to 9pm
  • First Responders/Military: Wednesday 7pm-9pm
  • Facebook Event RSVPing Attendees: Wednesday 7:30pm-9pm MUST RSVP HERE

ONE Centrally Located Event Per Season

ONE chance to sell, ONE chance to buy, ONE great Central location!

This season we are again hosting one BIG MEGA SALE and you won't want to miss your chance to shop our largest inventory to date all at one great event. With large enough locations to hold our growing event getting harder to find we have found great success in hosting ONE MEGA Sale in a centralized location easy to attend from any where in town! Don't miss your chance...

  • ONE chance to VOLUNTEER
  • ONE chance to CONSIGN
  • ONE chance to SHOP

"Private" Premier WeeTEAM Workers Evening PreSale

3 Shift WeeTEAM Workers shop at a Private PreSale Tuesday,  5-8pm

  • Children are welcome to attend during this Special Preshop opportunity
  • Simply choose THREE 3 hour shifts to qualify
  • 3 Shift WeeTEAM Members also PreShop the 1/2 Price Sale on Saturday at 8:15am
  • If one of your shifts is on Sorting Day Sunday  you can bring your mom/motherinlaw (daughter or daughterinlaw if you are a grandparent volunteers) OR Hubby to shop with you. NO OTHER Guests can shop with you.
  • Be among the first to shop!

Re-Stock Thursdays Drop Off ALL DAY-

RESTOCK Opportunity for New, Current & Past Consignors!

Toys, Baby Equipment, Furniture, Outdoor Play Items... Large Items Only!

Did you find some additional toys? Did you miss the deadline to get those big items entered into the system?

We have your answer! Don’t store them for the next event, bring them to our RESTOCK opportunity Thursdays ANYTIME!  No appointment necessary, just show up! We'll be waiting! Can't come Thursday? Contact us and we'll make arrangements for you!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!!

  1. Gather your toys & equipment & large items

  2. Hand-write your tags on small pieces of cardstock or notecards. Be sure to include your consignor number, short item description & price. Attach your tags to your items.

  3. Bring your items to us Thursdays 9am to 7pm.

LIMIT on Clothing Size 0-12M Continues

  • Only 20 items/units per gender, per consignor accepted in sizes 0-12M
  • You may bulk items together (ie 2 dresses, 2 outfits, 2 tops/one bottom, etc) & tag as one UNIT, but only 20 units will be accepted due to space limitation.We will NOT accept bundles of onesies hung or bagged or groupings of footed sleepers.
  • Please choose your best 20 items in this size range.
  • You may wish to tag a few additional units in case any items are not accepted due to hidden spots etc
  • This is for clothing sized up to 12M. Clothing tagged 12-18M not included in this limitation.
  • If you have more than 20 smocked or boutique items or you have twins or special circumstances, please contact us

Special WeeTEAM Opportunities

Non-Consignors Can Join Our Team!

  • Email us to join the fun (you can't register online-limited non-consignor spaces available)
  • Work your shift PRIOR to Preshopping Day OR choose our Shop & Hold Deposit option (email for details)

Post Sale Sorting Day Added Benefits!

  • Select a Shift on Post-Sale Sorting Day & you earn added benefits.
  • Preshop the 1/2 Price Sale in addition to your PreShop time as noted above. 
    • For example: Select one 3 hour shift on sorting day-You shop 3pm on PreSale Day & early on 1/2 Price Day OR select one 3 hour shift on sorting down day & select another 3 hour shift any other time & you shop 2pm on PreSale day & early on 1/2 Price Day. Sorting is a very organized system, but we need some dedicated workers!
  • Bring Mom/Mother in law AKA Grandma to PreShop early with you. If you join us for Post Sale Sorting Day  you can bring her along w/you to shop (email for specifics)
    • For example: You work 1 shift AND 1 shift on Sorting Day (total of 2 shifts), Gma shops the preshop time 2pm 

Flyer Assistants:

  • We need flyers passed out. Would you like to help us reach some new parents? Know a moms group, preschool, Church group, office, etc?
  • Want to share our flyer electronically on your Facebook Group page(s) or via email to large groups like military, 1st responder, mom's groups, etc
  • Ask us how you can help!

Recalled Items

With laws constantly changing in regards to children's products/clothing we must follow closely the guidelines for reselling gently loved children's items. Please check the CPSC recall information to be sure your clothing/toys/equipment are not listed. By signing our consignment agreement you are confirming that you have checked your items & are not selling any recalled items.

Click Here to link to recall list:

Click Here to link to lead law info: