We Need weeTeam Members!

The word has gotten out that helping at WeeTRADE  is so much fun. Join our staff of volunteers to earn Early PreShopping Time.

Consider the benefits:

  • Shop Early for the best selection
  • Work 3 Shifts & join us for a Private Evening Presale Tuesday, Feb 28th  5-8pm
  • Children can attend volunteer PreSale, so no babysitters needed while you shop.
  • Do you have selective children? Bring them along for sizing and shopping
  • Have fun & meet other moms & grandmoms that share your appreciation for high quality children's items!

Spring  2017 Sale

  March 1-4, 2017

Sign Up to Volunteer
Email weetradekids@comcast.net

  • Electronic Flyer Posters Preshop 7pm
  • Flyer Assistants Preshop 3-4pm (ranges depending on quantity/stops& if you are a consignor)
  • Select One 3 Hour Shift - PreShop Wednesday: 2pm
  • Select Two 3 Hour Shifts - PreShop Wednesday: 1pm
  • Select Three 3 Hour Shifts - Special Private PreShop Tuesday Evening : 5-8pm AND PreShop 1/2 Price Sale: Sat, 8:15am
  • Work SORTING DAY SUNDAY  for added benefits-- Bring Grandma to shop w/you OR PreShop the 1/2 Price Sale! (see below)

Fall 2017 Sale


Sign up to Volunteer

     **Children are welcome to shop during volunteer presales until 4pm

    They must exit the store by 4pm, no exceptions**

    Special Team Member Opportunities

    Do you BLOG? Know a good blogger? Have connections with Moms Groups/Bible Studies or Online Facebook Groups?

    We need flyers passed out, emails sent to large groups, connections w/bloggers. Would you like to help us reach some new parents? Ask us how you can help!  We offer media passes too!

    Non Consignors Can Volunteer

    • You don't have to consign to join our team!
    • Email us to join the fun (online registration not available, limited spaces available)
    • Work your shift(s) PRIOR to PreSale Day OR choose $30 Deposit (cash/check)  to be refunded at close of last shift 

    Post Sale Sorting Day Added Benefits

    • Work Post-Sale Sorting Day & get EXTRA BENEFIT CHOICE:
    • Preshop the 1/2 Price Sale in addition to your PreShop time as noted above. 
      • For example: Work one 3 hour shift on sorting day-You shop 3pm on PreSale Day & early on 1/2 Price Day. Sorting is a very organized system, but we need some dedicated workers!
    • Bring Mom/Mother in law AKA Grandma to PreShop early with you. If you work Post Sale Sorting Day  you can bring her along w/you to shop (email for specifics)
      • For example: You work 1 shift AND 1 shift on Sorting Day (total of 2 shifts), Gma shops the preshop time 2pm for either sale

    We need to reach new friends with flyers & emails & blogs!

    • We need flyers passed out & emails sent to large groups. Do you belong to a moms group? Bible Study? Take your children to various classes or activities where parents frequent? Attend school or preschool/daycare? Would you like to help us reach some new parents? Ask us how you can help!
    • Do you know of a good blogger? We need to reach out them! We offer media passes too!

    We are looking for a few good MEN too!

    Husbands are welcome to help with set up or breakdown to earn a pass for you too. We need shifts covered by men that like to get a little dirty! Email us if you have a hubby willing to help. We'll let you know the options!

     What Do Our Volunteers Think?

    Dear Pam & Jennifer,
    Over the last 8 years of consigning, shopping and volunteering with WeeTRADE, I have received such high quality children's clothes, great buys and some extra spending cash taboot!  I have to say, it is truly the volunteering that drives me.  Having 2 boys at bigger sizes is hard to find nice brands at a decent price, therefore, by me volunteering, I can take advantage of the pre-sale and stock up on the boys seasonal clothing!  It is such a win-win for me every time and I thank you two for allowing me to partake in yet another sale!" 
    Looking forward to another great sale & volunteering too!
    A long time, loyal WeeTRADER,
    LeAnne Chrischilles

    Volunteer Guidelines

    • You must be a registered consignor that consigns for this sale OR non consignors must email us directly for limited shift availability
    • NO CHILDREN under 10 allowed while working unless nursing infants (contact us first)
    • By signing on to volunteer you are accepting the responsibility of working your entire 3 hour shift.
    • Your shift will be very busy. We need your full attention and hard work, but you'll still have lots of fun too!
    • Want to volunteer and can't find a shift that works for you, email us. We are happy to work with split shifts or any adjustments we may be able to make to accommodate you.

    Emergency Policy:

    Once you have signed on for a volunteer shift, you are committing to volunteering with us. Cancellations must be made within 10 days of your shift or you will forfeit your chance to volunteer the next sale. While we understand that emergencies do arise, and that you will make every effort to make your shift, if you are unable to for any reason at all we ask that you either find a replacement OR notify us within 24 hours of your shift so that we can find you another shift so you do not lose commissions & we can hire someone to replace you, but we must know. Please contact us 613.8851 should you have an emergency.

    Missed shifts will result a fee of $30 charged from your commissions per shift. You will also forfeit your chance to volunteer the next sale. Please understand that once you have committed to your shift you are taking a spot that someone else could accept in order to preshop so it's very important that we keep our spots filled and the reward of preshopping accessible to as many as we can. We also count on everyone that signs up to keep the sale running smooth at all times, making the overall WeeTRADE experience a positive one for all. 


    We are also open to bartering. If you feel you have a special service to offer, don't hesitate to offer your idea as a trade for a shift.

    • WE NEED MOVERS!--if you have the ability to help us in moving our racks let us know! We need movers to take us from event to event and back to storage!
    • We are always looking for ways to publicize our sale! We need exposure via tv, radio, newspaper--do you know someone that could help us spread the word about our concept of Going Green-Recycling, Saving Money and Making Money in today's strained economic times? We'd love to spread the word about our adopted charity FAMILY PROMISE too!
    • We love to see our name in print--do you have the ability to offer us printing services, ad specialty items, store signage, laminating etc?
    • We provide dinner & lunch to our workers on PreSale Night & Break Down Day. Do you know a caterer/restaurant willing to supply food or snacks?
    • There are many options. Let us know what you might be thinking and we'll see what we can do!